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Hand Express Breast Milk Video Tutorial

Hi ladies, Jennifer here.

In this video, we are going to discuss about how to hand express breast milk from your body in a step by step fashion. Please note that this video is done by a registered nurse and not by me. 🙂

How To Hand Express Milk Steps

1. Massage your breast to stimulate milk flow. It will be very helpful if you can be relaxed in a comfortable position since it will influence the milk flow. If you are stressed out and you are not very comfortable, the milk will not come as much as it should.

2. I am using this glass so you guys can see. The glass should be sterilized. You don't really need a bottle. I put my 2 fingers like this and you should press around the areola instead of the nipple itself.

This should not be painful. If it is painful, then you are doing it wrong. It should not feel uncomfortable unless you just started to breastfeed. Then it can be a bit strained.

3. I have been breastfeeding for about 5 months now and it actually should feel comfortable to you. You can see how I changed and use 2 different fingers and this turns out to be more comfortable for me.

This is definitely something you should practice so that you can see the way that you do it more comfortably. For me, this is the way that it feels the best.

4. It is very important for you to stay relaxed and the milk should be able to flow easily. If it doesn't, just stop and massage it a little bit more or try again later. I think for those of you who do not know that the milk can stay in the fridge for 2 days. You can also freeze it for a longer period.

5. I am doing the hand expressing video so that you can see how I do it. I have actually gotten a good flow because I am expressing in the morning. I had to go for a meeting so I had to leave my baby with my husband. I needed some nourishment for my kid while I was away. That is why I am doing this and decided to show you.

6. In the morning, you will get better flow. I recommend that you do this first thing in the morning or maybe after you have fed your kid. For some reason I get more flow in the morning. So, this is it. I hope that it is helpful.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Good luck with your expressing!

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