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Breastfeeding Benefits For A Healthier You And Baby

Congratulations on your first born! :D Now you may be wondering what should to feed your child with? Formula milk or breast milk? I strongly recommend breast milk. Why? In this article, I will share with you my findings on the many benefits of breastfeeding and why you should consider.

Breastfeeding Benefits For The Baby

Breastfeeding your baby is certainly an option to consider. As I've already mentioned, breastfeeding offers many benefits for both mom and baby, and giving your precious bundle of joy the very best in life is no doubt something that you desire to do.

That said, you’ll be glad to know that breastfeeding is a form of protection for your little one. Colostrum, a thick, yellow substance made during pregnancy and immediately following birth, is a type of nutrient rich milk. It contains an ample amount of nutrients along with antibodies that protect the baby.

Once the colostrum has passed, usually within a few days of having baby, mature milk is produced. This milk offers your baby the perfect amount of nutrients, vitamins, fat, water and protein he needs.

For most babies, breast milk is much easier to digest compared to off the shelf formula milk made from cows. It takes a baby’s delicate tummy some time to adjust to formula milk and it can be very upsetting to his tummy.

Breast milk is a lot easier on a baby’s digestive system, especially for pre-mature babies. It typically takes the baby 2 hours to digest breast milk, compared to the 4 hours the little one will take to digest formula milk.

The baby is better protected from illnesses when breastfed, as the antibodies, cells and hormones in breast milk fight them off with superior action. Many studies have shown that breastfeeding results in children with fewer allergies, asthma, lower respiratory infections, type 2 diabetes and even obesity. It has also been researched that the baby also has a lower risk of contracting the sudden death syndrome and infections.

Breastfeeding Benefits For Mom

Breastfeeding provides baby with the health protection. It gives you peace of mind while doing quite a bit for you as well. The benefit of protecting your little one is of course the biggest and best benefit of breastfeeding.

Something that every mother will appreciate about breastfeeding is that it makes life easier. No getting up in the middle of the night or the task of washing and sanitizing baby bottles. No preparing bottles or warming them up. Breast milk is already at the perfect temperature and in its own perfectly-sized bottle!

Have you thought about the amount of money that you can save versus the cost of purchasing infant formula? Whether you have a Similac baby, prefer Good Start or Enfamil or stick with store brands, the cost of formula is far from cheap. Even the cheaper brands can cost as much as $25 - $30 per can. Considering the baby can easily consume a couple of these cans of formula milk, you can end paying more and more as the baby grows.

Breastfeeding promotes mother-and-child bonding. Most moms say it is an enjoyable experience that helps to connect both mother and baby. There is nothing like having the chance to bond with your little one.

And you as a mom can also expect to have lower risk of developing some health conditions which includes type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, postpartum depression and ovarian cancer. Something more pleasing to the ear would be: you can lose weight more easily after birth with breastfeeding!

What If You Cannot Breastfeed?

While breast milk beats drinking from the bottle, you can rest assured that with formula milk, the baby is still getting the nutrients and vitamins needed to live a healthy, filled life. There are so many reasons why moms choose to breastfeed but yet cannot do so due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you choose the bottle, do not come down on yourself or feel that you are less adequate as a mother. This doesn’t mean that you love your baby any less, and many mothers choose formula milk over breast milk.

Bottle feeding can become a rewarding experience for you as well. In fact, infant formula contains essential vitamins and minerals that the baby needs, and it is a good idea to look for one that also includes DHA. Yes, this will cost you a bit more, but the benefits to your baby’s developing brain are numerous.

Breastfeeding should be considered if you are able to do so as it provides many fantastic benefits while you progress into motherhood. Cheers to breastfeeding!

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