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Breast: A Female’s Most Important Asset

All females have breasts. They are not directly involved with a pregnancy or the birth of a baby, however, they are an accessory reproductive organ. The female breast comes in many shapes and sizes, constructed of a number of different connective tissues, fat and muscles. A girl begins to develop breasts around the age of 9 to 10, which is also shortly before she will experience her first menstrual cycle.

A Look At The Breast

Each of the breasts are divided into 15- 20 lobes. These lobes separate themselves from one another only by fat, with each lobe divided again into lobules that create alveoli. This is also where milk is produced when a woman is pregnant or nursing a newborn baby.

The breasts also contain an areola, a pigmented area of the breast that average 2.5 cm in size. It is found in the middle of the breast, containing many different sebaceous (oil) and sweat glands that keep them moisturized.

The nipple is a projected piece of skin in the center of the areola. It accommodates the lactigerous ducts, and erectile muscles that cause the nipple to become erect upon stimulation.

The size of the breasts is varied upon many factors, including the size of the woman and the amount of fat surrounding her lobules. The ability to produce milk for a baby is not affected by the size of the breasts. There are also a number of things that can cause a fluctuation in the size of the breasts including pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.

Problems With The Breasts

There are a number of problems that a woman can experience with her breasts. Some of these problems are minor while others are very serious. Some are common and others are rare. Nonetheless, it is important that you understand these various problems as well as how to respond to them.

Different-sized breasts are one of those problems. For some women, one breast is smaller than the other. While it is something that you will notice in most cases, other people will not notice it unless you point it out to them. In most cases, the size difference is less than one cup. This isn’t a serious problem, of course, but one that causes concern for many women.

Breast cancer is one of the most serious problems that can occur within the female breast. When caught early enough, many cases of breast cancer can be treated, so a regular mammogram is necessary once you’ve reached the age of 40 on a yearly basis. Breast cancer is very frightening and can lead to death if it is not treated. There are many options for women with breast cancer.

Breast pain and tenderness is another common problem that women experience with their breasts. This can be caused by any number of things and can be reduced by wearing the right size bra, taking over the counter pain relievers and many other ways. It is a good idea to make a visit to the doctor if this becomes bothersome or does not go away with time.

There are many other breast problems that a woman can experience in addition to those listed above. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with a few of these different problems. It is always better to know what can happen than to experience it and allow it to pass you by thinking that nothing is wrong.

The Importance Of A Good Bra

The average breast weighs between 2 to 3 pounds, although this greatly varies upon the individual woman and the amount of fat that she has in her breasts. One thing is for certain it can be hard to carry them around all day long. For this reason, all women need a bra that supports them well.

A good fitting bra is one of the most important things that you can do for your body. Not only will you feel much better when you wear the right bra size, you will also notice your breast look so much better.

You can take advantage of a free bra fitting at most bra or lingerie shops. This is important because you will want to know which bra size is the best for you. You will feel absolutely amazing when you wear the right bra size while reducing the chance of experiencing any of the problems that we have listed above.

The female breast is very interesting, to say the least. It is a part of a woman’s femininity, but more importantly a vital part of her being. Take this information and use it to provide yourself with the best breasts and breast health possible, free of the aches, pains and assortment of other problems that can be experienced.

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