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What Breast Shape Do You Have?

Have you ever taken a look at your breast shape? If you are like most women, this is something that you've noticed a time or two before at the least. Women feel sexy and confident with a nice pair of boobs. Checking them out now and again can really boost the confidence, and ensure the ladies are still perky and looking their best. 

Breasts are also great for attracting the opposite sex. There is no question women love the attention that it can bring their way. But, this all comes with dressing right and having the right bra.

The Shape Matters

All women have breasts of various shapes and sizes, but did you know there are six basic types of shapes for breasts? Although you may not think anything of the shape of your breasts, it is very important that you do determine your shape, and there are many reasons why.

First of all, knowing your breast shape can give you something fun to talk about with the girls. But, most importantly, knowing the shape of your breasts can help you choose the right bra for your body and breasts.

With the right bra, you will feel a tremendous difference in pressure on your back along with numerous other perks.

Take a look at the breast shapes, as well as bra suggestions for those shapes below. Another benefit is that you can enhance the look of your breasts and their size with the right bra.

An Overview Breast Shapes

1. Archetype

Archetypical breasts are the type of breasts that most women have. They’re the ‘standard’ in breast shape, offering a full and round shape that comes to a nice point at the nipple. This type of breast is the type that all women want.

It is also the shape that most bra manufacturers create their bras based upon. For this reason, ladies with archetypical breasts can comfortably wear any bra on the market.

2. Uneven

Some women have uneven breasts. This is another pretty self-explanatory shape, where one breast is smaller or larger than the other. The difference is usually not that noticeable, with less than one cup difference in most cases.

If you have uneven breasts, it is best to choose a bra that has pads or breast enhancers inside of them. These things add fullness to smaller breasts. Push-up bras are also available and a good solution for your needs.

3. Conical

Another type of breast is a conical breast shape. This shape sees the base of the breast in typical shape but the shape is more cone-shaped than round.

This can make it difficult for women to fill out their bras and usually results in a bra that does not properly fit. These shapes of breasts are unusual and usually affect only those with smaller breasts.

4. Thin

Thin breast is another shape that you may find yourself looking at in the mirror. Thin breasts have a smaller circumference which causes the breast to appear long and slim. This is another shape that often causes problems with the bra.

You should not wear an under-wire bra if you have thin breast shape. You should also avoid soft cup bras. Although they may be comfortable, they do not provide the support you need.

5. Omega

An omega breast shape is also possible. This breast shape is more commonly seen in women with larger breasts, usually a D cup or larger. It is also called ball-shaped breasts. This is a shape that occurs over time when you aren't wearing the right size bras.

This isn't a shape that any woman starts with. If you want to enhance your shape, make sure that you do not use under-wire bras.

Also, you should be sure that you are fitted for your bra. This is often something that is done at no cost. You can have great comfort with cut and sew bras and full coverage bras.

6. Reduced Projection

Reduced projection breast shape is breasts with a traditional base circumference but the breasts do not have enough tissue to gill out the bra cup.

People with this shape are often stuck in between bras and this causes you to wear the wrong size! Individuals with this shape of breast can benefit from the use of an under-wire bra or a bra that is made of stretchy fabric.

If you are not satisfied with how your breasts look, you may want to take a look at Breast Actives, a natural breast enhancement solution. This product has helped many ladies to have fuller breasts and is made from natural ingredients. Therefore, it is worth a shot.

Choosing Your Bra

Choosing the right size bra is very important, as we've already talked about earlier. With proper understanding of your shape of breasts, you will be able to move forward in life knowing that you are getting a bra that not only looks good but helps your breast look amazing time after time.

It takes just a short amount of time to choose a bra and make a few comparisons, so make sure that you devote this time to the task. You will be glad that you did when the results come pouring in.

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