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7 Common Breast Problems That Every Lady Needs To Know

Hi Everyone! Jennifer here.

I think I have a lump but I don’t know what problem I am having? Have you ever had a question like this? If your answer is “YES”, you will find your answers here.

In this article, I will highlight 7 common breast problems affecting women. I will not go into the exact details and treatment options as it will be too lengthy. This article serves to provide a general overview of common breast problems.

What Are The 7 Common Breast Problems?

1. Lumps and Lumpiness

The first common breast problem that will leave many women with weeks of needless mental anguish is Lumps. It is important to understand the difference between Lumps and Lumpiness. When it comes to Lumpiness, we are referring to the pattern of having many little lumps in both breasts. This is considered normal.

If you can visualize and feel your breasts as being the same throughout, then there is nothing to worry about because that is the way they are made. If it is a real lump, it will stick out prominently among the rest of the little lumps. Therefore, it is very easy to identify on your own.

2. Cysts

Cysts are a distinct type of lump that occurs mainly in women in their thirties to early-fifties. It affects mainly women who are approaching menopause and rarely takes place in a younger woman or a woman who is past menopause.

3. Fibroadenomas

This is a form of non-malignant lump that typically takes place when your breasts are still adapting to hormonal cycles during your puberty and teenage years.

Fibroadenomas are formed from lobules which are very sensitive to estrogen stimulation. It is a smooth, round lump that feels smooth and hard like a marble being inserted into the breast. Some people equate them to having the same feelings as cysts.

4. Cancer

Cancer is probably the most serious and common breast problems out of all. The reason why many people are worried about lumps is due to the probability that it may turn out to be breast cancer. The purpose of getting a cyst aspirated or fibroadenoma biopsied is to determine whether it is cancerous.

I know you are very worried about having lumps in your breasts, but do remember that a dominant lump does not necessarily represent cancer. Therefore, you should always see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis done before jumping to conclusions. 

5. Breast Pain

Breast Pain is one of the common breast problems that affect women. It can range from a minor irritation to a permanent, disabling agony. There are 3 categories of breast pain: cyclical, non-cyclical and non-breast origin.

6. Breast Infections

Breast infections and nipple discharge are not so worrying compared to the other common breast problems as they are very uncommon and not much of an issue. There are 3 types of breast infections: Lactational Mastitis, Nonlactational Mastitis and Chronic Subareolar Abscess.

7. Nipple Problems

Common nipple problems include cracked or sore nipples while nursing, discharge and itchiness.

With that, I have come to the end of breast problems. I mean it is really demoralizing to keep discussing about problems. If you happen to suffer from any of them, do not be frightened.

Just read my relevant articles on each issue to understand what you are facing. Then take the necessary precautions like seeing a doctor or a specialist for more advice. Remember to do a breast examination every year to stay on the safe side.

Anyway, please comment below. I would love to hear your suggestions and feedbacks. :)

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