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Breast Implants: What You Did Not Know About Them

Breast implants, also called breast augmentation, is the surgical addition of saline or silicone implants that are used to make breasts larger and fuller. The procedure is perfect for those who want to boost their confidence and the way that they look. Many women who want to increase their bust size rely on the help of a breast augmentation. More than 300,000 of these procedures are performed every year.

If you are considering breast implants, there are a number of considerations that you must make before consulting a surgeon. While he will certainly be able to provide you guidance on implants, there are also things that you will need to decide beforehand so that you have the time required to thoroughly think things through. Here are some of the common considerations:

Silicone Or Saline Implants?

Individuals who want breast implants can choose saline or silicone. Both implants are considered safe for the most part, although there are a few disadvantages that are associated with them, including the chance of them busting.

Where Will The Implants Be Placed?

Many people do not realize they must make this decision. But, you do need to determine if you want it placed over the muscle in the breast tissue or partially underneath that muscle.

The plastic surgeon that you have chosen can explain the pros and cons of each of these placements and decide which of them is best for your needs based upon body type, implant size, and other factors.

Overview Of The Surgery

The actual surgery is fairly simple and takes only a small amount of time. The doctor will place you under anesthesia and then make a small incision where the implant will be placed. He’ll then create a pocket for the implant and closed it after the implant is placed with either sutures or surgical tape.

The doctor will wrap your breasts or you can opt to wear a post-operative bra for a few days while your breasts heal. The usual side effects of the breast implants surgery include bruising, soreness and pain in the incision area.

The cost of this procedure varies and is based upon a number of factors. Those factors include the city and state that you reside, the type of breast implants you select and the doctor, among other factors. The best way to get a fair price on the implants is to make comparisons.

How Long Does It Take To Recover?

Recovery from a breast implants surgery can take a few weeks. You can expect soreness and pain in the first few days after the procedure has been performed. You can use ice wrapped in a cloth to minimize the pain or take any painkillers prescribed by your doctor. You may feel groggy after the procedure as well.

It is a must that you take it easy for a while after the surgery. Avoid picking up any heavy stuff and remember to stay hydrated with water. In addition, you should decrease your general activity, perform chest massages, and wear compression garments to reduce swelling during your recovery time.

A total of about six weeks is needed to heal. You can resume normal activities after two weeks, though exercise is not something that you will want to participate in.

Possible Risks Of Breast Implants

Breast implants is a surgical procedure, so there are risks associated with it. Some of the possible risks with breast augmentation include nerve damage, implant rupture, infection, bleeding, changes in the breast and nipple sensations, scarring, implant asymmetry and a number of others.

You can decrease the likelihood of experiencing any type of complications by taking the time to carefully choose your surgeon. Although there are many of them in the marketplace, not of all of them have the necessary skills and experience.

Choosing The Right Surgeon

Look for a surgeon who is Board Certified, highly recommended in the area and someone who has a great deal of experience. This isn’t the time to help a surgeon train, as your body is under the knife here!

You should also take the time to get to know the doctor, his staff and the office. Make sure that it is clean and up-to-date, filled with caring professionals who want to make your procedure a success. You should feel comfortable and content with the doctor and his staff.


If you want to enhance the size of your breasts, make sure that you weigh all of the pros and cons of doing so. This will allow you to make an informed decision based on your needs and wants. Otherwise, you may want to consider a natural alternative like Breast Actives to enhance your breasts safely.

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