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Breast Enhancement: A Holistic View

Undergoing breast enhancement is a desire for many women, for many different reasons. Until recently, the options were limited to invasive cosmetic surgical procedures, but independent research and technology is changing that for the better. Women now have safer and more natural options when it comes to improving the look and feel of their breasts.

Common Breast Appearance Problems and Causes

It's a fact that no set of breasts are perfect in shape or symmetry. Very few women will ever be one hundred percent happy with the look of their breasts. Not all will seek out a way to improve them, but those who do will discover that the cosmetic surgery route is expensive and often fraught with risks. But what are the most common reasons women think about improving the aesthetics of their bust? Some of the main ones are listed and briefly described below.

Breasts are too small

By far the most common complaint women have about their breasts is that they are just too small. Whilst not all women want very large breasts, many simply would like an extra cup size, and this is not an unrealistic expectation.


Breastfeeding can have a dramatic effect on the bust, even after just one child. Most women feel that their breasts never return to how they were before the pregnancy and nursing period. Although the size may not change, one of the main issues is that the breasts are simply not as firm and perky as they once were. In severe cases, the breasts can exhibit a sag, even in younger women.

Wrinkles and stretch marks

Stretch marks are a common problem for women who have had a baby as the breasts revert back to their normal size following the end of breastfeeding, but they don't have to be a permanent problem.

Aging and sagging breasts

It's a fact of life that all parts of the body will decline in appearance as we age, and the breasts are no exception. Sagging is one of the biggest complaints for women as they age and whilst a quality bra can help to alleviate some of the sagging temporarily, a true longer term solution is to apply some sort of breast enhancement that works to change the shape and firmness of the breasts.

Why Do Women Want to Improve the Look of Their Breasts?

There are many reasons why women choose to do something about the appearance of their breasts. Some women are simply not happy with the overall size of their bust. Whilst all women have a genetic limit as to how large the breasts can grow, not all women will reach this limit.

It is not completely understood why this is the case, there are now natural treatments that can encourage the breasts to grow to their full genetic potential; without resorting to breast implant or other cosmetic procedures.

What Are the Risks of Breast Implants?

According to the FDA, around one percent of women who undergo breast implants will experience an adverse complication, and as many as one in five women will need to have their implants removed or replaced within a decade of the procedure. So what are these risks?

They range from the most severe; being a rupture of the silicon or saline implants themselves, to more mild (yet distressing) problems including wrinkling, changes in the sensation of the breast, infections, tissue damage, breast pain, and asymmetry. Breast implants require a surgical procedure, and as such the cost is generally high; generally ranging from around $8000 at the minimum up to $15,000 and beyond depending upon the requirements of the individual woman.

What Natural and Safe Alternatives Are There to Breast Implants?

Natural remedies were more traditionally focused on curing health problems, but nowadays there are a small number of researchers looking into just how some of the most used and respected herbs and other extracts can have a positive effect on the breasts.

Breast Actives, one of the most popular and respected natural breast enhancement products, uses ingredients such as fenugreek seed, dong quai extract, kelp and red clover extract to work as a complete formula that is aimed at enlarging, lifting and firming the breasts and treating the problems of sagging, aging, post-nursing and menopause-related declines in breast appearance.

Products such as Breast Actives are providing real proven natural breast enhancement solutions and real alternatives for women who want to enhance their breasts in a natural manner, without having to go through the expense and the risk of cosmetic implant surgery.

It is a two step system consisting of a natural supplement that is simply taken once per day, and a cream that is applied to the breasts daily in order to achieve a fuller breast appearance and better shaped breasts, that results in enhanced confidence and a more youthful appearance.

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